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Steve Gray Gold Coast web design
My name is Steve Gray.

I’m the CEO and co-founder of Surf Pacific, a digital marketing agency based locally here in Australia.

I want to ask you a serious question…

Why spend money on a website if it doesn’t make you money?

You see, most business owners think of their website as something they “have to have”. So instead of it being a powerful money-making asset, it’s an afterthought into which they put almost no time or effort.

That’s why most business websites offer very little beyond contact information. If that’s the case, your website may as well not exist because no one is visiting it. This is also why very few small businesses are making serious money online.

If you’re guilty of this, the reality is you could be leaving a lot of money on the table. Unfortunately, most business owners are completely unaware of this. And, to be frank, you really can’t afford to do this anymore; especially if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

Regardless of what line of business you may be in, anyone can use the internet to market themselves and increase profits overnight.

With just a few simple changes to your website, you can put the internet to work for you. Further to this, you can use it to build your brand, increase customer satisfaction and make you money all day long (even while you sleep.)

Thousands of business owners are already doing this.

These people have learned how to convert visitors into customers, and transform their once ordinary websites into gold mines.

As someone who has worked extensively with these people, I’ve seen first-hand the impact the internet can have on your business.

And now it’s your turn to experience this.

Surf Pacific has worked with hundreds of clients over the last few years.

Now we want to put to use what we have learned to help YOU make money with your website, and dramatically increase your business profits.

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Here’s the first thing you need to understand…

There are two types of websites; the first type is unresponsive and the second type is responsive.

Most businesses, unfortunately, have an unresponsive website.

What this means is their website can only be viewed effectively on a desktop computer. Viewing an unresponsive website on an iPhone, Android phone or tablet is clunky and can turn people away. They are static and passive and do not function effectively. There is no way for the business to interact with the customers or vice versa.

And – most importantly – there is no way for your website to make sales.

While these websites may look pretty they do not provide the answers your customers are looking for.

A responsive website on the other hand, is one which has been set up to interact with the visitor.

Whether that means making a sale or getting the visitor’s contact information (in order to follow them up later) there’s some kind of action being taken.

This should be the MAIN purpose of your website.

And if you get this right, you can make money all day long and your website will eventually pay for itself.

This is where Surf Pacific comes in

We specialise in designing fully responsive, custom-built websites for small businesses.

  • Our team will build you a brand new, fully responsive website from start to finish.
  • We will write your webcopy to turn strangers into friends, and friends into paying clients.
  • Your new responsive website will be split tested to find the best possible version so that from the moment prospects arrive on your site to going through the checkout or leaving their details, they have the best possible user experience.

Plus we’re going to throw in something else that’s very, very important…

Something very few web design companies ever mention is the importance of SEO in getting people to visit your site.

That’s why we provide full on-page SEO, which will set your site up to rank high in the search engines.

It’s not only about having a responsive website; you also need to get visitors to your site. This is why it’s important to rank highly on the search engines, and why we’ll take care of it for you.

Every business and project is totally different and unique, which is why we should definitely talk things over first.

You probably have questions anyway.

So why not call us today on 07 5571 1161 or email us here

Let’s talk more about responsive websites, and what we can do for your business.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Steve Grey

PS. In case you’re wondering, Surf Pacific is a family business with over 20 employees. We’re based locally on the Gold Coast in Queensland, and are able to handle any project no matter how big or small.

Call us today at 07 5571 1161

and let’s talk about what a responsive website can do for your business.

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